Quality Support

The lead officer for ensuring the quality of our service delivery is our Director of Quality. She works closely with our Director of Services in monitoring our services and then supporting the staff teams to improve our service delivery.

Quality & Monitoring Systems

Hilton has many control systems in place to ensure all our services are meeting and exceeding the standards we expect of the services we deliver. We are a learning organisation and we continue to improve each year. We have a dedicated admin team responsible for monitoring and updating the various control systems we have in place to ensure shortfalls are picked up promptly and corrective actions are taken. We are passionate about minimising any risks within our service delivery. At present we have the following control systems in place: HR controls, service audits, finance audits, medications audits, training monitoring schedules, external finance audits, Audit and Health & Safety Committees (quarterly audits), risk register, business continuity plan, service contingency plan, monthly paperwork control systems, equal opportunity monitoring, transition checklist, complaint checklist, managers’ audit checklist, induction checklist, service visit checklist etc.

Our 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2019 CQC inspection reports

These show the company has robust quality monitoring systems in place to ensure shortfalls are identified and corrected. The CQC noted the numerous letters received from a variety of health and social care professionals thanking us for the quality of our service delivery.

Consistent Support

We are passionate about providing consistent support to our Tenants. For the last twelve years the company has not used any agency staff. We have achieved this by ensuring our staff turnover is low, ensuring all our services are fully staffed, ensuring we have sufficient bank staff, and by our managers working ‘hands-on’ to cover shifts when necessary.

Audit and Health & Safety Committees

To enable us to drive forward high standards of support to our Tenants by regularly reviewing all aspects of service delivery. Lessons learned from individual audits are cascaded to other services


Hilton has a Complaints Policy that allows any user of our services (or those within their support network) to raise concerns. Such concerns will always be fully investigated and you will be kept informed at each stage of what is happening. We will provide as much support as you need (either directly or through others) to enable you to pursue your complaint or concerns. A copy of the Complaints Policy can be found in each of the services that we operate.


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