CQC Inspection Summary

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections. Our most recent CQC inspection visits took place in March and April 2016. The inspection rated our services us as ‘Good’ overall and ‘Good’ in each of the five key areas, as follows:

Is the service safe?

The inspector determined that our services are safe; that staff know how to recognise and report abuse; that people are supported by sufficient numbers of staff who have been safely recruited; that risks to people’s safety and wellbeing are being safely managed; and that people’s medicines are managed safely.

Is the service effective?

The inspector found that our services are effective; that people receive support from staff who are appropriately trained and supported to perform their roles; that staff seek people’s consent before providing all aspects of care and support; that people are supported to enjoy a healthy diet; and that people’s health needs are supported by a range of health professionals.

Is the service caring?

The inspector found that the services are caring; that staff spoke with and support people in a caring manner and respect people’s privacy; that people are well cared for and staff respect people’s individual needs; and that people are supported to maintain family relationships.

Is the service responsive?

The inspector found that people receive personalised care that meets their individual needs; that people are able to raise concerns regarding the service and are responded to promptly; that people feel comfortable with raising concerns with the staff, manager and provider if they need to; and that people are able to choose how they spend their time and staff support them where required to pursue hobbies and interests.

Is the service well led?

The inspector found that the services are well led; that there is a registered manager in post and incidents that were required to be reported to CQC had been completed when required; there is a clear culture in the services that demonstrates the manager’s approach is caring and inclusive; that people are encouraged to contribute their ideas about the service; and that staff and health care professionals spoke highly of the quality of care that people receive.
. The Company fully met each of the above standards with there being no issues that needed addressing. The full reports can be viewed on the CQC website using our unique link:


What the CQC inspection found:

  • Relatives are very happy with the service that their family members are receiving.
  • Robust Care & Support planning means that people’s needs are recognised and acted upon. One relative said “It’s brilliant. The staff are just lovely; I am very happy with the care they give.”
  • Our staff have a good understanding of the reporting procedures to ensure people are protected from all forms of abuse.
  • The company has a robust recruitment and selection process that includes a comprehensive induction programme and ongoing training and supervision.
  • The company has robust quality monitoring systems in place to ensure shortfalls are identified and corrected. The CQC noted the numerous letters received from a variety of health and social care professionals thanking us for the quality of our service delivery.
  • Family members are clear about our Complaints Procedure and how we address their concerns.
  • Relatives are invited to regular care plan review meetings to ensure that any changes to our Tenants’ care regimes continue to meet their individual wishes and preferences. One relative said “I cannot fault them in any way with the care they are always up front with us about anything that is going on. They constantly keep in touch with my relative’s health needs and I honestly do not know what I would do without the care they receive.” Another relative said “They are extremely well looked after, I take my hat off to them, they do marvellous job, long may it continue.”
  • The company has a robust medication policy in place, including weekly, monthly and quarterly audits. Tenants are encouraged to administer their own medication and have risk assessments should they choose to refuse their medication. A six monthly competency test is undertaken by all staff.
  • The company has a robust training programme that runs throughout the year. Our Tenants receive support from suitably skilled and qualified staff teams.
  • The company has robust quality monitoring systems in place to assess and monitor the quality of care. The company has an Audit Committee that scrutinises the findings of the audit reports and ensures action is taken to address any identified shortfalls.


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