Story by Teresa

Hello my name is Teresa. I moved into my home 11 years ago, prior to that I lived with my Mum.
Since moving in my life has changed a lot.
I am profoundly deaf and nonverbal. I know several different types of sign language but I like to improvise and use my own version

Since moving in I have come out of my shell a lot as I was very quiet and shy at the beginning but with the support of my staff I say several words very clearly. My favourite is “Shut Up”. Living with my 3 housemates can be a bit full-on sometimes but I think a lot of them.

I enjoy going to Day Centre 3 times a week and I go to a lunch club once a week. I used to do this with my Mum until she moved into a Care Home and stopped going, I continued to go alone.

I have a very busy life although I am mature in my years. I go to Gateway Club every other Thursday evening with my housemates. I enjoy it there as there are different activities each time, I enjoy the crafts. They also have Summer & Christmas parties which I attend. I have also been on day trips with them.

At home I do my share of the housework although occasionally need prompting to do this and the staff support me with my medication and help me to manage my finances, making and keeping appointments. They also help me organize trips out. Twice a year have parties I go to with my housemates.
My main hobby is knitting. I have made blankets for my family and I donated some to a charity of my choice. I also enjoy rug making and I will try anything to do with crafts. I enjoy board games and jigsaws.

At home my staff support me to have a very active social life, I enjoy shopping, eating out, going to the cinema and craft fairs.
I have an annual holiday with my housemates, we have been to Hemsby, Scratby Sands, Skegness Butlins, Potters, Hunstanton, Euro Disney, Tinsel & Turkey in the Isle of Wight and Hunstanton and went on a day trip to Lapland to see Santa. We flew from Norwich Airport.

I have visited Royal Windsor several times as I love anything concerning the Royal Family. I went to see Princess Diana’s dress collection and around Buckingham Palace. I have been on the TV sets of Coronation Street, Call the Midwife, and Emmerdale.
I really like flowers and have been to a lot of the main flower shows in England e.g. Kew Gardens and Tatten Park. I was able to go to Brussels to see the flower carpet which is shown every two years and to Floriade in Holland which only happens every 10 years. I went to Euro Disney, I went on the teacup ride and carousel but nothing else, I liked to watch others. I really enjoyed the parade and seeing all the characters.

I go to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular every year and the pantomimes in King’s Lynn, Norwich, Hunstanton and Cromer Pier Christmas show and other shows throughout the year. I have been to Madam Tussauds, Cadbury World, Harry Potter World and Blackpool illuminations as well as the Edinburgh Tattoo.

I love anything scary; I have been to Prime Evil several times and love laughing at Zombies. I also went on the Poppy Line Halloween train.
I have painted ceramics, I enjoyed that. I enjoy decorating the house for Christmas and Halloween.

I have been to Bircham Mill and made bread, went to London to see Wicked, Shrek and Lady in Black, and seen London sights from the open top bus.

We have held a summer party, Mad Hatters Tea Party and a Royal Afternoon Tea Party where we invite Tenants from the other houses in our area. I like to get involved with making props for each event.

I am doing the Gateway Bronze award, I went camping twice, orienteering which I enjoyed, especially as I was the leader. I also did a basic First Aid course.

I like to be supported to see my Mum regularly, I also have regular contact with my Brother and his family and other family members.

One of my housemates passed away and this was very sad for me but I received a lot of support from my staff and a few months later we got a new house mate, I already knew her as she goes to the same Day Centre.

My family are very happy with my life in supported living, all of my adventures and how much I have come out of my shell. I really enjoy living in my home and am looking forward to many more adventures.