Story by Sally K (Team Leader )

In my working career I started of working in an office on a youth training scheme only earning £25.00 a week. I was there for 5 years and then I left to start my family.
I brought up my family and as they were older I went back to work. I worked in various industries from office to retail and then I went into care. I enjoyed making peoples lives change for the better but some of the care firms I worked for were not run very well. It was when I was talking to a friend of mine who had got a job as a support worker and how she was telling me how much she enjoyed it, so that got me thinking and so I looked on the job sites and found vacancies for support workers for Hilton Care so I applied.
I got a letter to come for an interview. In the interview which was very relaxed as I was very nervous I was asked various questions and was told what the job entailed which sounded very rewarding. I thought the interview went really well so then it was just a case of whether I would get offered the job. When I got the letter offering me the job I was so excited for the new chapter in my life.
I started as a Support Worker at Service X. I enjoyed helping the Tenants live a good and healthy life, I found it very rewarding to see that I can make a difference to another person’s life. Over the years I became a Senior Support Worker which I was thrilled about and to think that the managers could see I was capable of that position. I enjoyed every minute of being a Senior. My Team Leader was very supportive and taught me well. When my Team Leader went on maternity leave I was made acting Team Leader which I never thought I would ever get to that stage so I was so happy and grateful to be given that chance.
After being acting Team Leader for 10 months I was offered the permanent position of Team Leader which I was very excited about as I would never have dreamed I would have got to that stage in my career so it’s with the thanks of Hilton Care that I am where I am today.