Story by Matthew

Once upon a time in a land far, far away called Hilton Care there lived a magician named Matthew known by his friends as Magic Matt who was a magician who had lost his way. This is the story of how with Hilton Care’s help they helped him find the best path so he could find his way again. It also tells how Hilton Care helped his independence and helped him achieve his goals.

It all started about 10 years ago when I joined Hilton Care. I lived with 3 other service users, I was quite shy and didn’t really talk or express myself very much, but Hilton Care helped me gain confidence and helped me to express myself more and we became very good friends.

I’ve also always wanted to go to Rome, and one of my staff helped me to budget the money for it and sort out the hotel times etc. and what we will do when we get there. It was one of my favourite holidays with Hilton Care.

Along my journey through the land of Hilton Care I came across a bridge which was guarded by a magical chef. He said that I could only cross the bridge if I faced him in a magical cook off. With the help of Hilton Care, I managed to prepare and cook a meal worthy and suitable for a king. My staff showed me how to safely cut up the veg and how to safely use the cooker so I didn’t burn myself. The chef was so impressed that he let me pass across the bridge. From this experience I started learning my complicated recipes and taking photos of the different steps so I had a visual guide to go by. My goal is to make my own cook book one day.

Almost half a mile down the road I came across another bridge only this time it was guarded by a bus driver that said if I wanted to pass, I would have to learn how to use public transport. So my staff helped me by planning where I wanted to go by bus, the number of stops and that I would get off on the correct bus stop. It took a while but eventually I went back to the bus driver and told him what I had learnt and he let me get on the bus by myself.

Another area that Hilton Care staff helped me was when I was looking at moving house because the house that I was in was very small and with 3 other Service Users it was quite challenging and not much room. So eventually after looking at different properties to rent we found one in Lavender Road. Since then I have moved to North Wootton, and then to my house where I currently live with my housemate, Dean. We both get on really well and have similar hobbies and interests, we are very good friends.

Another of my hobbies is Martial Arts. Not long after I joined Hilton Care, I started a Korean Martial Art called TaeKwon-Do. At the start my staff came with me until I was happy walking there by myself. I got my black belt a couple of years ago. I’m now doing a different Martial Art called Wing Chun which is more of a self-defence Martial Art and am liking it very much.

As I made my way further through the land of Hilton Care I came across a theatre where I saw a couple of drama pantomimes and wanted to join so with staff help I went to talk to the lady that runs it. She said that to join I would have to play the role of a lady in their next production, so one of my female staff at the time showed me how to walk like a woman and walk in high heels (stilettos). They also helped me with learning my lines. I also had to wear a padded bra and a red dress with black tights, I was a looker! After the performance the lady was so impressed with my acting ability that she let me join. I broke a leg as the saying goes.

A little further down the land of Hilton Care I can across a gym but I couldn’t enter because there was a massive Bodybuilder standing in the way and he said the only way I could enter was if I beat him in a workout using the gym equipment. I hadn’t used the equipment before so my staff got in contact with a gym coach and he helped me with using the equipment safely. Me and the Bodybuilder went weight to weight with each other and after about an hour and a half the Bodybuilder gave up and said that I had correctly used the equipment safely and he let me go through the door to the real gym.

Going further through the land of Hilton Care I came across 5 Magicians that were trying out some new effects and I told them that I too was a magician and that I wanted to go on BGT they said that they had already been on it but didn’t get very far. They said that they would vote for me if I got on it, so with my staff help I’m currently going through different tricks and I am going to film one and send it off to BGT.

Around the same time, I met the girl of my dreams called Joanne, I call her Jo. The staff at Hilton Care helped me to arrange a date. We went out for a meal together and we got on so well we have been together now for over a year, it’s gone by so fast. The staff at Hilton Care then helped me sort out staying round Jo’s for the night and me and Jo are so happy together I want to spend the rest of my life with her. We have so much in common with each other.

I’ve also met my birth sister for the first time in 39 years. I’ve been talking to her on Facebook over the last 4 years then we arranged to meet up. My staff helped me sort out where to meet and what time and day we would meet. Me and my sister spent the day together we have so much in common with each other, I also love her with all my heart. It was a very happy but very emotional meeting. She has also met Jo and they get on very well as well. My sister has invited me and Jo to her wedding in a couple of years.

This brings me to the climax of my story through Hilton Care. It’s my 40th this year and with staff help I have been planning an 80’s themed 40th birthday party. The staff helped me to sort out the invitations, DJ, food decorations venue etc. I’ve invited Jo and also my sister and her partner and all my friends, I’m thoroughly looking forward to it.

This concludes my Epic journey through Hilton Care hope you liked it.