Story by Kevin

My name is Kevin and I was born on 6th September 1976. I have always lived with my parents and as a child also with my siblings. I have two sisters and one brother. In September 2015 I moved to Lowestoft with Hilton Care and here I share my home with two housemates. At home I always have the help of support workers to help me to do my tasks and to go out in the community.

I was born with Down’s syndrome but none of this made it impossible for me to have a normal life. I learned to read and write with my mother’s help. My family is very important to me and they visit me all the time. I also participate in all my family’s events. I enjoy walks with my parents and our dog Rusty.

Since being with Hilton, I can do all my housework with some help and encouragement. I have been working at a workshop for several years and I really enjoy working there and seeing all my friends. I work at the workshop from Monday to Thursday and on Fridays I clean my room and do my shopping. I have several weekly activities such as the friendship group and the Thursday Club which I like to participate in.

There are lots of things that I really enjoy doing such as watching TV, especially movies – I love James Bond. I love to go swimming and out to eat in restaurants. I love lots of different dishes such as lasagne and pasta, although a good steak always tastes better. I enjoy preparing my meals with support from staff.

A few months ago I started doing Slimming World and I have achieved my goals. I am losing the weight I need and eating healthier. I also like to do arts and crafts and to buy colouring books to colour in later.

When it’s time for holidays I am always in. I really enjoy to go with my housemates and staff because we always find very nice places to visit and different activities to do. Since I am living here I have been on three holidays already, it was very nice and funny.

I enjoy to have different activities but when the evening comes I like to relax a little on the sofa with a cup of tea and a film before going to bed. I am not a person of many words but everybody around me understands when I am happy or bored. I am a happy person in my own way and the staff where I live understand this.

I hope you enjoy my story that my key worker helped me to write.