Story by Kelly

Hi, my name is Kelly. I have lived in my home for 10 years. Prior to this I lived with my Mum, Dad and 2 brothers. I had very close contact with all of my Grandparents. I stayed with one of my Nannies very regularly. When she passed away, I was very sad, my staff gave me al lot of emotional support through this time. I am a very loving person but my mood can change very quickly. When this happens, I like my own company until I am ready to be in company.

I am a domestic goddess, I love all household chores, I like to make teas and coffees. If you are in my company for too long, I could drown you in it .

I attend college 2 days a week and Day Centre 2 days a week which I enjoy. I go to a Club every 2nd Thursday of the month. If I win the raffle everyone knows as I laugh very loudly and scream with excitement.
I love to listen to Christmas music all year round, so if you come to visit in the summer and are greeted with ‘I’m Dreaming of A White Christmas’ don’t be shocked, but I also like listening to other music.

Since I have moved in, I have done lots of things with staff support. I went to the set of Emmerdale Farm & Call The Midwife. I have been to London to see Mamma Mia & Wicked. I went to Cadbury’s World and Harry Potter World. I have even had a day trip from Norwich Airport to see Father Christmas in Lapland, I was so excited. I have painted ceramics and I go to all the pantomimes in King’s Lynn, Norwich and Hunstanton, Cromer Pier Christmas show and Thursford Christmas spectacular. I also go to other shows all through the year at the different theatres. I have visited Ely Cathedral; I like churches and I have visited all the different ones in Walsingham. I went to see the Lipizzaner Horses at Birmingham NEC (dancing horses from Vienna).
Twice a year I attend Parties, I like to Dance the night away. I have been to Tinsel and Turkey in the Isle of Wight and Hunstanton. At Isle of Wight I won best decorated Christmas hat, I was so excited. I usually go to the Christmas tree festival several times each year in Fakenham. I am doing the Gateway Bronze Award; I have been camping twice, orienteering and I did a First Aid Course. I enjoy decorating the house for Christmas. When I am at home I like to colour in, do jigsaws and make friendship bracelets. I enjoy watching DVD’s, my favourite is Call the Midwife (I love babies).

One of my housemates passed away and I was very sad but received emotional support to get me through this, after a few months we had a new housemate who I already knew from my Day Centre. My staff support me with medication and managing my finances, also making and taking me to all appointments and organizing outings.
I do like to have a daily routine; my parents are very happy with my life in my home because I am very happy and I am looking forward to what trips to go on in the future.

We have held a summer party, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Royal Tea Party at our home and invited all the Tenants from all the services in our area. I like to mingle and ensure everybody is okay and having a good time.