Story by Jennifer

Hello my name is Jennifer and I live in King’s Lynn. I was born in King’s Lynn and lived with my mum and dad. When I was 6 I got mumps which affected my brain.
When I first moved here I was very nervous and didn’t like to leave my bedroom, staff encouraged me to leave my bedroom for short periods of time until I became comfortable with my new home and the change of my surroundings. I now enjoy sitting in the conservatory with the radio on looking through my book. I also now sit at the table to eat meals and staff encourage me to take my plate to the kitchen when I’m finished, an activity which I wouldn’t do when first coming here. I also like to go out in the garden and use my water table, another activity I wouldn’t do when first coming to Hilton.
I love where I live and all the different activities I get to do here like going out in my own car, going to shows in London, I have even been able to enjoy holidays and I’m currently planning a trip to Disneyland Paris. I also enjoy weekly visits from my mum and brother which I really enjoy! I’m really happy at where I live now and I hope you enjoyed my story.