Story by Diane

I started my journey with Hilton care in 2009 where I moved into a bungalow in King’s Lynn with two other ladies which I have previously known for many years. I used to not have much interaction in the community and not go out much but since I have been with Hilton I am regularly going out in the community on days out and holidays and interacting lots more.

Since moving in I have also purchased my own car which allows me to be supported for drives and spending 1-1 time out in the community. I used to find it hard communicating being non-verbal and then staff introduced me to various other ways of communicating, such as objects of reference. They would get a cup out of the cupboard and make a drink then give it to me explaining that this object meant drink. They then progressed to supporting me to get the cup out of the cupboard whenever I wanted a drink. Staff then continued to introduce more objects of reference and repeated these till I understood that I could ask for what I wanted or complied with staff requests. I now use quite a few objects of reference, these include cups for drinks, keys to go out, apron for lunch and getting a plate out for food.

My behaviour has vastly improved and I don’t get so agitated now. I enjoy many activities inhouse like pampering myself and having my hair and make-up done, sensory sessions and having a massage in my massage chair – staff will always support me in this. I have had a lot of changes and adaptions over the last two years where my health hasn’t been so good but this has not stopped me living life to the full, I have been on many holidays, shows, days out over the ten years I have been with Hilton care.