Story by Clare

Hi, my name is Clare. I have lived in my home for the last 11 years. Before that I lived with my Mum, I have a large family that I like to stay in close contact with.
I attend Day Centre 4 days a week which I really enjoy. I go to Gateway Club every other Thursday; this is fun and they have different activities every time. I enjoy it most when they have singing and dancing. One year I won Gateway’s Go Talent singing an ABBA song, for which I received a trophy. I do enjoy getting on the dance floor.
I go to the Gateway & Mencap summer parties twice a year and dance from start to finish.
With the support of staff, I have been to Euro Disney several times, Lapland on a day trip from Norwich Airport to see Father Christmas, this was the first time I had ever flown, I loved it although it was very cold. I go to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular each year; I really enjoyed the Drag Queens in Cromer. I have seen Mamma Mia, Wicked and Shrek in London as well as Harry Potter World, Madam Tussauds, Blackpool Illuminations & Cadbury’s World. I have also been to Tinsel & Turkey in the Isle of Wight & Hunstanton. I always go on an annual holiday with my housemates, we have been to Scratchy Sands, Hemsby, Skegness Butlins, Searles and Potters.
I have my own car now so the world is my oyster. I love shopping, eating out, craft fairs, going to the zoo, cinema and bowling. I also love painting ceramics.
I do my household chores but as well as support from staff in doing this I also require prompting as this is not my favourite activity. I like to make the stuffing and Yorkshire pudding when we have a roast at home.
Whilst at home I enjoy board and card games, watching DVD’s and listening to music.
Although I can be very stubborn, I am a very loving person. If I misbehave it is not me it is “Pud”, Pud has been with me a lot of years. I now enjoy swimming – the Team Leader has helped me to overcome my fear as I had a bad experience several years ago, it has been a long haul but it has been worth it.
We have held a Summer Party, Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Royal Afternoon Tea Party at my home where we invite all the Tenants from the other services in our area. I enjoyed mingling with everyone.
I am presently doing my Gateway Bronze Award, I have been camping twice, orienteering and a First Aid Course.
Staff support me with my medication, managing my finances, making and taking me to appointments and help me organize outings.
I do like a daily routine, one of my housemates passed away which was very upsetting but I received a lot of emotional support from my staff. After a few months we got a new housemate.
I really love my family and get excited about seeing them and I am now a great Aunty.
They are very happy that I am so happy and they look forward to hearing about my trips and holidays and seeing photos.