Story by Cameron (Team Leader )

Hello my name is Cameron, I have worked for Hilton Care for 4 years in August 2019.
During that time I started as a Community Support Worker for 3 years, I then had the opportunity to go for promotion as a senior. This interview did not go to plan but it gave me the experience that I needed. My management team gave me some good feedback. When the opportunity came again, they gave me my confidence to put myself forward and with their advice I secured the position. During my time as senior I really tried to lead choice for the Tenants and completing paperwork. This was recognized and I was offered the position of Team Leader when the opportunity arose within 6 months. This was not all plain sailing with my probation being extended but I was supported all the way through until finally securing this position. Being a Team Leader is something that I really am enjoying.
As well as supporting my Tenants to achieve their goals I have also been lucky enough to have these experiences including holidays in England such as Thetford forest in a luxury log cabin, and Keldy log cabin In Yorkshire. We have also been to zoos, museums, festivals, animal experiences and so many more to list. I do not know what other place of work you could have so much fun at being at Hilton Care.
I would advise anyone looking forward to working in the care industry this company is the one to work for as nothing is the same any day, I have tried lots of other services and I like going to new houses to visit and work.