Matthew (Linnymead)

My name is Matthew, Hilton Care has been supporting me since 2008.

When I first moved I lived with three other housemates. Whilst this was good fun my independence was not growing as there were some strong characters in the house. After discussion me and one of the other Tenants – Dean – decided we would like to stay living together and were supported by Hilton staff to save and look for a house together. Well what a great job we did as we now have a lovely big bungalow with a spacious garden and even a games room!

I have enjoyed many activities since being supported by Hilton Care, including holidays to Monkey World, Rome, Disneyland Paris, Belgium and Butlin’s.

I have been on various days out and seen various shows such as Million Dollar Quartet, the magicians (Barry & Stuart) at the Corn Exchange which I really enjoyed and Darren Brown.

No activity is off limits and my staff support me to budget and afford it all. They even braved a day out at Go Ape which is climbing up trees and zip lining down them! They were very brave. I hope to do another one that’s more extreme called Extreme Ropes and hope the staff are brave enough for this.

Go-karting was another one and I would love to do it again as I found it very exhilarating.

I have many hobbies and interests including Taekwondo, magic, drama and reading. I am also very much into the paranormal, Egyptology, physics, insectology and astronomy. My support staff have managed to find me a group to join too.

When I first came I was unable to go anywhere on my own due to my sense of direction. Over time my staff have worked with me to build my confidence and set small achievable goals for me. They used communication aids, which were pictures of focus points, for a trip to the local shop which I am now able to walk to and back on my own. They worked with an outside company to gain a voluntary placement at a charity shop and I am now able to get the bus to this placement on my own. I hope to master the way back soon. This is an outstanding achievement for me and I love the fact that I am able to grow my independence.

I have also discovered new talents such as learning to play the guitar and also acting. I joined a local drama group and have been involved with many productions.

My time with Hilton has been a very busy time and I have gained many new skills and independence and I look forward to all the goals ahead of me!

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