Dean (Linnymead)

In my first house that I lived in supported by Hilton I shared a house with 3 housemates. This was fun but after discussing my housing situation and what I wanted to be achieving I decided that it would be best to move house. Me and another Tenant from that house decided we would like to move house together, and with lots of looking around we found a house that is brilliant for the two of us. (You will find me in the games room!)

During my time with Hilton Care I have been on holidays to Monkey World, Belgium, Cyprus and most recently I have been to Disneyland Paris. I have been out on several occasions to various activities and events. I have been to a Harry Potter Convention and a Dr Who Convention where I met the daleks! Staff always help me to budget so I can take part in any activities that I would like to try, and there is not many I wouldn’t give a shot at, from zip lining down through trees at Go Ape, to racing everyone in a go kart!

There are many things that interest me. I have several hobbies such as drama group that I attend weekly, and have performed on stage with them. I enjoy music and can play the keyboard and sing, and I have been supported to learn how to play the guitar as well.

When I first came to be supported by Hilton Care I was unable to do some of the usual day to day tasks. In my time with Hilton I have been supported by the staff and I am now able to cook meals and I have recently had support from the staff and learnt how to bake various cakes! I am on a gluten free diet and staff have supported me to understand what I can and cannot eat and to cook items so I do not miss out on anything.

I am close to my family and staff have built up a very good relationship with them which really helps me to feel confident in my support.

I have had a very busy time with Hilton Care and I have learnt many new skills and gained much more independence.

I am always working towards new goals and look forward to seeing what lays ahead! 🙂

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