Hello my name is Cindy and I live at Woodstock. I was born in London and lived there as a child with my Mum, Dad and Sister. I moved to Norfolk in 1975 with my family and went to school. Once I left school there was nowhere for me to go that could attend to my needs so I spent most of my days at home with my Mum and Dad. I attended day centres, some I liked and some I didn’t. I stayed at a nearby residential home for respite care and eventually moved there in 2001 and lived there until 2012. I have many fond memories of my time there but the time came when I wanted to be able to do different things and live a different style of life that’s when I was told about Woodstock.

I was scared the first time I went to visit and my mum and sister came with me. The staff were all very pleased to meet me and showed me around the big bungalow. I looked in the garden and when shown my bedroom I said I wanted it pink! I visited lots over the next few weeks sometimes my family came with me and sometimes they didn’t. I stayed for tea and had sleepovers in what would become my new room. I decided I wanted to live at Woodstock. I was frightened at first of all the change but my family and the staff were all very supportive.

I moved into a new pink room I chose the colour and the border and with the help of my key worker unpacked all my belongings just how I wanted them. I was happy I had a pink princess bedroom. I have lived at Woodstock now for a year and a half I now have my own car which is pink inside and I can go wherever I want in it. Before I always had to use a bus which I wasn’t keen on. I have been able to do so many new and exciting things as I no longer have to attend a day centre every day I get to pick and choose what activities I do every day. I often go to the cinema and bowling and have been to see lots of shows in Norwich at the Theatre Royal. I have been on 3 holidays and I chose to go to Butlin’s where I was able to do karaoke which staff joined in with and this year I was supported on holiday to Kent and was able to meet up with family which I hadn’t seen in a long time. I have been able to go to lots of clubs such as exercise classes and music group and join in lots of activities where I have been able to make new friends who I can invite back to my house for tea. I have joined in charity fund raising events such as Race For Life and raised lots of money for different causes. I visit my family every week and they come and see me for a cup of tea too. I recently arranged to see Peter Andre with my Sister as I now have my own mobile phone and love texting my family to tell them what I have been up to!

Lots has changed since I have lived at Woodstock and at first it was scary but now I love all the fun things I get to do and places I get to go. Best of all I like that I get to choose. I now have a communication board staff keep it updated and available to me, I use it to tell staff what I want to say or what I want to do it talks for me and has helped me to write this! Hope you enjoyed my story! Love, Cindy xxx


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